Observer | Jay Kos Has Been Serving The "Super Powers" of Menswear For 20 Years

If an old school prepster, his son and an oil trading friend walk into a Nolita men’s store and all emerge with something they want, they’ve likely happened upon Jay Kos’ Mott Street shop. With everything from knit blazers to leather jeans and the most precisely cut mink coats, that at a glance have the visual weight of a sport coat and are all handmade, the outlet is a veritable toolbox for the world’s most stylish men — Diddy and Andre 3000 are amongst them.
“I’m not selling style,” Mr. Kos said in an interview at his green wallpapered boutique. In addition to being the founder of his own eponymous brand and accompanying store, the creative has previously served as a contributor for Observer. “People come to me to express their own style but you can’t come into my store and purchase style.”


Observer | Couture 101: The Basics of Haute Couture

While it can be argued that fashion is for everyone, the world of haute couture is not. Last night Atelier Versace kicked off the bi-annual Couture Week in Paris with their Spring 2016 runway but unlike typical fashion weeks, these pieces will not hit stores in six months. Instead, they will start to appear on the backs of clients, some as early as in three months — of course, the ones with the most sway are already wearing them.
With many of the shows beginning today, we look over some of the basics of this rarefied world. From the biggest players to who actually sits at these shows, here’s a quick guide to the world of haute couture.
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Observer | LGBTQ-Focused Tailors Take The Spotlight In This Sundance Documentary

Five years ago, Rae Tutera (then Rachel Tutera) had a fitting for a made-to-measure suit. “At the time it was very difficult or me to explain to the tailor what I wanted from him,” the Bindle & Keep clothier told Observer via phone Sunday. “I think he had a really hard time because I wasn’t really legible to him. It was both disorienting because I didn’t know about custom suits, but on top of that, I had to explain to him over and over again that even though he thought I was beautiful, which was nice, I still wanted a men’s suit. I wanted him to make me handsome.” It was that experience in a Midtown East tailoring shop that was a foundation for Mx. Tutera—who identifies as trans-masculine and prefers neutral pronouns like they—to get into tailoring.
“That was the perfect groundwork for me to approach fittings with certain sensitivities and even more open-mindedness than I already possessed,” Mx. Tutera explained.
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Maxim | Future Hendrix Drops Surprise 'Purple Reign' Mixtape

As some people wound down their Saturday nights and others got ready to turn up, rapper Future Hendrix fired an arrow into the sky via a tweet.

An explanation it was not, but it was just the right amount of information the Atlanta-based artist needed to cause his "Future Hive" fandom to suspend all plans and lay in wait. 
Sadly though, the 11:56 deadline Future gave came and went due to technical difficulties. While waiting, fans could busy themselves with listening to either Meek Mill's 4-4 EP, DJ Mustard's A$AP exclusives or Ty Dolla $ign's latest feature, all released Monday.


Maxim | YesJulz and Wiz Khalifa Took Over LA With An Insane Rager

YesJulz knows parties. She shuts it down in Miami every week with her no frills FDR Mondays, killed it with a lit lineup of events for last year's Art Basel and routinely is brought on to spice things up by brands like Sprite, Beats and more. But this week, the blonde bombshell pulled up stakes and took it all to Los Angeles.
While in town to meet with the "top secret" — ok it wasn't so secret once she shared it all with her fans that number in the tens of thousands on Snapchat — Black Ops team for Apple's Beats, the Miami resident pulled off a blow out party she dubbed 1AM. After a fit of inspiration less than seven days prior on Twitter, the 25-year-old brought together an event that featured everyone from Lil Uzi to Wiz Khalifa. 


Men's Journal | You're Washing Your Face All Wrong

It's a new year, so it's the perfect time to incorporate some small but important changes in how you take care of your body. The best place to start is your face and, specifically, not damaging it every morning. First, do not put that bar of body soap on your mug. Ever.
"Soaps and cleansers today are on opposite sides of the spectrum," says Dr. Macrene Alexiades, a New York–based dermatologist during a quick facial cleanser 101. "The key ingredient in soap is lye, which is a base and is really going to destroy the acid mantle on your face that protects the skin from microbes, bacteria, and viruses."

Men's Journal | Jason Sudeikis's Jordans: How Not to Wear Sneakers With a Tux

The Golden Globe Awards is a pretty formal event; tuxedos, bow ties, and shined lace ups are par the course. Actor and comedian Jason Sudeikis made a risky move Sunday night when he showed up at the event wearing a pair of Jordan Concorde Live 11s, to finish off his classic peak lapel tux.
This wasn't the first time he pulled this stunt (he had more success at the 2013 Met Ball), but we can't say he pulled it off. He's definitely due applause for the hutzpah to show off his sneakerhead tendencies, but there's a basic suiting rule the star should have kept in mind before heading out: fit.


Observer | Kith’s New Women’s Store Is Ideal for Cool Girls

Though Ronnie Fieg and his brand Kith have reputations that precede them both, to really experience everything to do with the creative director’s just-launched women’s line, you need to feel the pieces.
Available online and at the Noho-located Kith Women’s store, the 15-piece range is categorically “athleisure.” “This is the lane we’ve become best for in men’s,” Mr. Fieg told the Observer when asked why he chose to tackle that trend for the range’s launch. “And, I think there’s a big void for it in the women’s marketplace.” To fill that void, Mr. Fieg assembled a design team headed by a Public School alum, sourced fabrics like Japanese ponte and soft satins in Italy and Japan and created a collection of elevated, functional basics. A marked difference from other athleisure brands? The absence of logos and the material choice.


Observer | Grooming Expert Anthony Sosnick’s Soho Loft Boasts An Impressive Art Collection

For the past 15 years, Anthony Sosnick has been building skincare and grooming brands that sit at the forefront of the men’s market and has been continually making in-roads with women. From a light, quick absorbing hand cream that launched this fall to problem solvers like the cream-to-powder No Sweat Body Defense that will keep you dry all day, the flagship brand Anthony is uniquely targeted at getting results. 
Mr. Sosnick celebrated his 15 year milestone this fall with a small dinner in his SoHo loft, just steps from the Dior boutique. Having called in sushi chef David Bouhadanaof Sushi Dojo for a private, intimate omakase at his in-kitchen sushi bar, the skincare expert gave us a tour of his three-bedroom, three bath pad. With a selection of pieces from Jeff Koons (he admitted he has to hide this one during parties so it won’t get mistaken for a trash bin), Jasper Johns and even Cecily Brown, we asked Mr.Sosnick to pick out 15 of his favorite pieces he has on display now to celebrate his anniversary.