Observer | How Iskra Lawrence Went From Modeling to Launching a Site Intent on Changing Fashion

When you meet Iskra Lawrence for an interview you’re likely to be taken aback. Less by her beauty (because you’ve already beheld that on her well-followed Instagrambut more because of her size, or lack thereof. For most, her five foot nine, size 12 frame, is nowhere near the image that comes to mind when one thinks of a “plus-sized model” and yet that’s what she is.
“Today I’m filming Man on the Street videos to get the word out,” she says settling into our seats at the coffee bar, ready to discuss her soon to be launched fashion site Runway Riot. A guy smiles at her through the window, but it doesn’t seem like she notices in the way she give me a knowing look when she gets three double takes as we wait for an Uber on the street corner afterwards. “Basically, when I go up to people and introduce myself, I’m always wary of just saying model because people look at me and they’re like ‘Girl, I think you’re a couple donuts too much for modeling.’ But then when I say plus-sized, they are like ‘What?!’ Curvier women actually get offended and say ‘Well if you’re plus-sized, I’m obese’

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