Observer | Mara Hoffman Brings YSL To Versace's Miami Mansion

While heat may have caused tempers to mount outside the Mara Hoffman Swim 2016 showing this weekend during Miami Swim Week, it didn’t turn away fashion hungry attendees. “Do you know who I am? I write for an international fashion publication! I shouldn’t be standing out here in line,” one male journalist yelled to a clearly nonplussed guard, blocking the entrance to the Versace Mansion.
A full 42 minutes after the slated start time, the crowd crushed into Casa Casuarina (most commonly known as the Versace Mansion), through the tile corridors and out into the Mosaic Garden. It was in this ornate space, which featured a mosaic tiled pool lined with 24-karat gold, that model’s in Ms. Hoffman’s latest designs posed. With the poolside rotunda floor in the foreground, Marrakesh styled models as the focus and the lavish, palm-frond filled mansion as the setting, this was an Instagram moment if there ever was one.

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