Maxim | Buzzy Design House Public School Proves Dressing Well Is No Crime

We’ve heard of the fashion police, but super-cool design duo Public School took it to the next level. Showing at this year's first-ever New York Fashion Week: Men's, the label's latest collection was presented with a crime and punishment theme. Attendees walked into the room to find models standing around in front of those lined backdrops out of "Law & Order," as if waiting to be identified as the perpetrators of some mysterious crime. "We wanted to shake it up" said Dao-Yi Chow, one half of the Public School team. "We didn't want to do a regular fashion show,” he added, explaining that the goal was to “showcase this Public School uniform idea in a different way." That uniform was colored in the brand's typical palette of navy, black and white, featuring everything from asymmetrical blazers to bombers, grid-printed short-sleeve button downs and joggers, all layered atop one another.

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