The Hundreds | Rapper T-Shyne On The Internet & His Upcoming Mixtape

While you were inside practicing your times tables in seventh grade, at the tender age of 12, Manhattan-based rapper T-Shyne was spitting a few bars in his first rap battle. “It was a lot of adrenaline, in front of a lot of people,” he recalled over fish sandwiches at Fisher’s Of Men on 125th Street in Harlem. “I was so hyped up! It was totally unplanned though, everyone was like, just do it. So I was cursing and shit at 12; it was cool though.”
It’s been quite a few years since then and it’s understandable that things are a little different now. The adrenaline is still there, but with two official projects out (SOULution and 21 Years Later) and two more on the way, the Grenada-raised rapper and engineer, has more of a handle on his sound.

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