The Hundreds | Aerosyn-Lex on Art, Longevity and Social Media

Aerosyn-Lex gets around. In February alone he did a large-scale painting exhibition for New York Fashion Week and creatively directed the TRANOI fashion trade show in New York as well as in Paris (at the Carousel du Louvre no less). Add to that an installation with Dell and Intel at Fader Fort for SXSW and you’ve got a packed schedule indeed. Of course that’s nothing new for the artist who worked with the CFDA last year on their awards – “I kind of overhauled it and that was the first time they ever had a single artist do all of that work. So I worked with Diane von Furstenberg [the president of the CFDA] and her team. Of course Rihanna showed up naked” – has done a film for the BBC, an exhibition at the MOMA and linked up with brands like Nike, Kenzo, and Kanye West.
It seems that there isn’t a shortage of people drawn to his work, which is characterised by a series of juxtapositions and typically integrates calligraphy, a trade he picked up going to art camps when he was younger but has since reinforced during his studies at Pratt and a trip to Tokyo. And though it seemed obvious that we should discuss his relationship with fashion, seeing as there is so much of it on his resume and how he thinks it’s “interesting how it’s always had a deep relationship with artists,” we looked instead to his process and his outlook on the evolving world around him and how his artistry fits in with it.

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