StyleBlazer | DKNY's Aliza Licht Talks Networking And Leaving Your Mark

Before social media really ramped up and brands saw it as a must-have for doing business, a then-anonymous tweeter started parsing out 140 character dispatches from the halls of DKNY and Donna Karan New York.
Since then, Aliza Licht has had a much discussed public debut via YouTube, and has built an invaluable reputation and community around her online persona. So who better to give advice on how to “Land your dream job. Kill it in your career” and “Rock social media?!” than the woman with an organic and engaged following of over half a million fans?
In her new book Leave Your Mark, Licht does just that in snappy, digestible bits, no doubt influenced by her almost obsessive tweeting habit. 200+ pages make up what can be most succinctly described as a modern career primer but through the lens of Licht’s own experiences.
Though names and genders have been changed, we watch her switch career goals from plastic surgeon to… well, she doesn’t know at first, and go on to encounter countless office personalities as she finds her way moving from magazine to magazine before finally landing at DKNY. With “selfies” — sections for self examination, — “pro tips” — asides that summarize the preceding paragraphs in tweet-able snips — and even “must do’s” — an outline of actionable items, — the book is pretty comprehensive. At one point, there’s even a break out of all of the toxic personalities you might run into in the office and exactly how to deal with them.

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