StyleBlazer | Men Of Style For Week Ending 4.24.14

There’s this idea that guys have got it easy when it comes to style.
Let’s clear that up, it’s untrue. Yes, indeed, men may have fewer choices — though that in and of itself is sort of up for debate — but to say that the choice is easier, simply isn’t true. Think of it this way: if a guy’s trouser leg skews more than an inch too-long, it goes from immaculately tailored to “pooling at his ankles.”
The criticism is different from womenswear but still present.
Here at StyleBlazer though, we’re more about bringing people up rather than taking them down; more about the fact that the said trousers were nicely fit around the leg as opposed to the fact that they were a touch too long. To dovetail both of those ideas we’re taking it upon ourselves to keep an eagle eye out for some of the best dressed celebrities snapped by the paparazzi, with a new weekly column.
Sometimes it might just be StyleBlazer’s Man of Style, sometimes you’ll find yourself clicking through bevy of men, but whatever it is, know that these are a few looks you can fashion your own wardrobe after.

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