Fashionista | Interview with 'The Artist is absent' Director Alison Chernick

Yoox has more going on than its recent merger with Net-a-Porter.  On Saturday at the Tribeca Film Festival, the luxury group debuted its first foray into documentary production with a 12-minute glimpse at elusive designer Martin Margiela. And similar to the recently-released Raf Simons doc "Dior and I," the short film entirely avoids the subject of John Galliano, current creative director of the brand, whose founder left around six years ago. (Granted, the film was likely shot before Galliano's appointment was official, since TFF's deadline for submission is November 26, while the Galliano announcement was made October 6.)
Margiela, the man, is very much the film's focus, despite his physical absence from it. Directed by Alison Chernick, "The Artist is Absent" amounts to a condensed deep dive into the designer, through the lenses of those who had been around him, without actually showing the couturier himself -- though he did participate in the film's creation. Talking head slots go to Suzy Menkes, Raf Simons and Jean Paul Gaultier amongst others, who describe this ‘Greta Garbo of fashion' as a true artist that simply stopped designing when he had said all he needed to say.
After the screening, we chatted with Chernick about working with Margiela himself, the footage that didn’t make it into the film and the importance of Maison Margiela’s head of communications in its creation. 

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