Refinery29 | The Beginner's Guide To Eczema

For those of us living with eczema, dry, flaky, and scaly skin has become a part of life we dread just as much — if not more — than the cold, dry weather that can induce it. But, many of us are left wondering: What actually is eczema? Is it chronic? Did I bring it on myself? Could someone have given it to me?(Let’s just clear that last one up right now: No.) If I do have eczema, what exactly can I do about it?

With the driest and coldest portion of the winter season approaching, we decided to answer those questions and more. Sitting down with experts on the matter — that’s two dermatologists and one aesthetician, thank you very much — we found out the basics of the condition, plus a little info on how to effectively treat it so it goes away for good.

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