Class NYC | DonChristian on his Aaliyah tribute, creativity and being queer

When we met up with DonChristian to chat about the Aaliyah tribute track he decided to release to Class NYC exclusively, we found ourselves on the patio of fellow musician Rahel in Uptown Manhattan. It was really chill, his tall slender figure -- even though he’s “not into fashion,” he could easily be a model -- cutting the perfect figure against the cityscape. It was relaxed, effortless, just a bit of idle banter about his sound, the industry and his creative process.
DonChristian is indeed a lyricist, but he’s also a painter. To boot, he’s a trained pianist and is helping producing Rahel’s album right now along with Jeremiah Meece and Le1f. In short, he’s a creative. “I want to be able to consider myself an all around artist as opposed to having to compartmentalized like I'm a painter on this day and a rapper on this day,” he told us. “I want to be able to make things that are inclusive of all of my skill sets.”

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