Details | Rules of Style: Won Hundred's Nikolaj Neilsen on Effortless Danish Style and How to Take Care of Your Jeans

It's been 10 years since Danish designer Nikolaj Nielsen started his denim-focused clothing company, Won Hundred. But before that, he cut his teeth at massive Italian jeans brands like Diesel and the Sixty Group (which makes the women's labels Miss Sixty and Energie). In that time, he's amassed an expertise about denim that he combines deftly with the tailored clothing and sporty pieces in his collections.
But one of the first things we asked him was how he named the brand, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a giveaway on social media. "I really wanted to use numbers in the name, and had initially intended to call the brand One 100," the designer explained. "However, it wasn't possible to register numerical digits as a name, so the brand was listed as Won Hundred. I instantly fell in love with it phonetically and graphically."

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