NowFashion | 3 Brands New To Showing at Mercedes Benz Swim Week

New York Fashion Week is not the only fashion week of note in the United States. Though many of the other weeks don’t provide enough of a focus, or don’t significantly add to the fashion conversation, Mercedes Benz Swim Week in Miami does, and as it’s celebrating a decade of operation, is really coming into it’s own.

 “It’s always interesting to just see who keeps getting better and staying fresh,” said Peregrine Honig, a co-owner of Birdies, a swim and lingerie shop in Kansas City, Missouri who has been attending Swim Week in Miami for seven years. “We’ve carried Mara Hoffman for as long as she’s been showing at market and her work just keeps getting better and she’s so intuitive. You see people knocking her patterns off but she still stays ahead of the game because her designs are really high quality and they fit really well.”

 But Hoffman is a regular and practically a headliner at Swim Week, a testament to how designers can really make a name for themselves at the event which was hosted on the grounds of The Raleigh Hotel this year. Instead of focusing on the cornerstones of the week, we’ve taken some time to check out three designers who are new to showing.

See the three on NowFashion.

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