STATEMENT | Chris Gelinas on LVMH Prize & winning the Peroni Award

Having cinched one of twelve spots as a finalist in the inaugural LVMH Prize competition, Tecumseh-born designer Chris Gelinas is a name to note.  Working out of his now Garment District-based studio, Gelinas has churned out two solid collections, each a well-written note to the industry about exactly why they should pay attention to his new venture.

“It’s really a village” the 29 year-old said of the fashion industry in a recent interview. “The people that have been helping to launch this are people that I met 8 years ago at my first internship.” Take his current design studio: after moving out of a much smaller space that he called a “lint closet,” the designer revisited the factory that he’d been working with for about five years at different companies. They cleaned out the space for him and he moved in around the time of his first show in September.

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