NOWFASHION | Vivienne Tam RTW Fall/Winter 2014

Seat coordination at fashion shows is always a hassle: there is the careful task of making sure that your seats are filled but also with the right names. So when Kelly Rutherford was escorted to her front row seat at Vivienne Tam, joining notables like Beyoncé's fashion director Ty Hunter and Angela Simmons as the lights dimmed, she was no doubt surprised to find two unmovable occupants already there, relegating her to the fifth row. It was a pity really.
The feeling kept up through the show sadly: it was a pity that the music was blaring just a tad too loudly, a pity that the fur scarves seemed like they didn't have enough fur and a pity that the pockets of skirts puckered like vents at every step when they felt like they should have been made to lie sleekly down the thigh.
That's not to say that the show was a bad one. Tam had her own teddy coat for the season and even a printed cape. On the whole the outerwear was strong, possibly hitting its apex at a black short shearling overcoat with leather detailing. The options for evening were strong as well.
"My favorite was the Chantilly black lace top with the gold flakes in it and the black leather shorts," said Ty Hunter. "Love, love, love.  Must have!" Hunter, who is currently working in preparation for going back on tour with BeyoncĂ©, also said he loved the mix of prints and graphic tights.
Tam's hands down strongest moment of the night came at the end: a silver chantilly lace full length gown that was red carpet ready.

This story first appeared on NowFashion.

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