NOWFASHION | Suno RTW Fall/Winter 2014

If your face wasn't one recognized by the girls reigning in black outside of the Suno Fall 2014 show - like in the case of one Barney's staff member and countless other attendees - there was a wait of up to 30 minutes for you on the still snow fringed streets of New York. But thankfully for both Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty, it was a show worth waiting for.
After a short trip up the studio apartment-sized elevator and a possible slight scramble for seating, show go-ers were treated to a journey: from nomadic to opulent. "The idea, in a way is very much 'how do you stay true to your roots,'" said Osterweis backstage after the show.
This season the designers looked to the photographs of Jeremy-Sutton Hibber for inspiration, namely his series of photographs on Roma gypsies outside of Bucharest who saw their culture change after the accumulation of wealth. “This historically nomadic tribe started building McMansions and accumulating everything that wealth bought: computers and crazy murals in their houses,” said Osterweis. That evolution was almost palpable in the dichotomy between the rough edged, tunic looks sent out to start the presentation and the golden jacquards that finished it.
Those philosophical objectives didn’t get in the way of good pieces though. A utility pant rendered in gray at one point and navy at another made an impression – mostly confirming that wide-legged pants are a trend for the season – as did the print play.  In particular, a pair of looks came out, one in shades of red and the other in shades of blue, that really made a statement with their print layered dresses over textured A-line skirts.
The collection was a definite winner, and possibly a step into a new arena for the brand. Worth the wait? Worth the wait indeed.

A version of this story first appeared on NowFashion.

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